English Level 4

Gary Scott Vernier & Jhon Alfer Rua

English Level 4

Gary Scott Vernier

Jhon Alfer Rua

Institución Universitaria Pascual Bravo
Medellín (Colombia)

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Título de la obra: English Level 4

Gary Scott Vernier - Jhon Alfer Rua

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En esta entrega de la serie de Pascualino, podremos continuar aprendiendo sobre situaciones sociales que todos los ciudadanos enfrentamos en nuestras comunidades tales como las economías informales, deportes, el transporte público, la salud, la ley, entre otros. Así mismo, tendremos la oportunidad de conocer más a fondo la vida personal de Pascualino y a su familia.

Unit 1
PASCUALINO AND THE WORLD CUP - “The Beginning of Big Changes”

It is interesting to see how the passing of time brings many changes to our lives, which we all have to learn to deal with. For some people, it is easier to accept the fact that nothing is forever and life is constantly evolving. While for others, it is tremendously difficult to understand that almost everything in life is uncertain, and sometimes situations are out of our control. Pascualino was one of the latter. But we are already getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to where this new chapter of our story begins.

The warmth of the climate, the happiness of the people and the feeling of patriotism were everywhere in the air. Everyone was celebrating the success of Colombia’s national soccer team. There were a few weeks left before the long-awaited and acclaimed World Cup came to an end, but Pascualino had closely followed each match and had already placed some bets with family and friends on who might be this year's winner. Most believed that Colombia would be the winner, but there were many good teams still left in the tournament for people to put money on. Everyone was attentive and eager to know how the World Cup would unfold.

The World Cup allowed Pascualino a brief moment of respite from the fact that with each passing day he was closer to starting college for the first time. Although he was excited for this new chapter in his life, he could still feel fear take a hold of him. He was about to start all over in a new place, with new people, and new experiences. He would also be lying if he had said that he was completely sure that he had chosen the right career. Sometimes Pascualino got lost in his thoughts and wondered if one day his feelings of uncertainty would stop being a constant in his life. Pascualino couldn’t help but reflect on his last year of high school and his graduation.

Pascualino reflects on his graduation

They were all there, supporting me. My parents, my sister, my grandparents, my uncles, even Windy came to celebrate with me. I was really grateful to be around the people I love, and to know that I can count on their unconditional support.

The night of my graduation was a mixture of feelings for me. It was an occasion to close an important chapter in my life and the preamble to the one that was about to begin.

I grew up with my classmates. We have known each other since we were in elementary school. It would be difficult and emotional to say goodbye to my friends, my brothers and sisters and my school and family.

In short, that night was full of hugs, tears and even promises. During those years, I made ties that I wanted to keep throughout my entire life.

Although, to be honest, not all my time at school was pleasant. For some years I did not have a stable group of friends with whom I felt accepted, and I had a very bad time trying to deal with the emotions that were inside me. That’s another story though.

I could feel everything intensely that night, from receiving my diploma to the emotional farewell with my classmates and teachers.

My graduation ceremony was fast in my opinion. It began with an entrance parade, followed by a few words from the administrative staff and the graduation speech which was my responsibility.

To tell the truth I was very nervous and I don't remember most of the things I said but I do remember the phrase I used at the end: "Be the change you want to see in the world," by Gandhi.

That phrase has always become my motto in life. Each of us can help transform ourselves into a better version, taking responsibility for our own actions and lives.

After my speech, the diplomas were handed out and the good thing is that I was one of the first to be called since my last name is "Bravo." But I must admit that it was a bit tedious having to wait until the last of my classmates to drop the caps and officially consider ourselves graduates.

After that everything was crazy. We started screaming and hugging and taking lots of photos. We were finally free to embark on a new path into the future.

After the hubbub ended, I celebrated with my family in a nearby restaurant, and just when the evening was over, reality hit me in the face: What would I do with my life? What would become of me?

Pasculino’s graduation flashback ends

"Gooooooool," shouted Pascualino's father, bringing Pascualino out of his stupor of thought.

"What happened?" The boy said somewhat disoriented, he was not sure when he had stopped paying attention to the game.

"The National Team just scored a goal! And it was an incredible move!" said William who was sitting next to Pascualino. "Is everything okay, friend?" he inquired.

"Yes, I was just thinking," Pascualino said.

"He must be nervous. Classes will start soon," said Pascualino's father, while he lowered the volume on the television to allow the conversation to unfold.

"Son, you should not worry. The changes are scary but you will see that with time you will learn to deal with the new situations that you are going to face," said his father.

"Aren’t you anxious about starting college, Will?" Pascualino questioned.

"Yes, but I don't let those thoughts dominate me and I prefer to be distracted with other things," answered William.

“For example, the other day I read on Facebook that the World Cup trophy has been stolen many times throughout history. And it makes sense, who wouldn't want to have it?” said the boy with a smile.

"It is beautiful," said Pascualino's father "In fact, because it has been stolen many times, the original cup is only used in the victory celebration, but the winning team is given a copy of the cup that they can take with them to their country and keep it for four years until the next World Cup, when they have to give it to the new champion.”

"I didn't know that,"said Pascualino, surprised.

"What I do remember hearing was that the names of the winners of each winning country are carved on the base of the cup, as well as the year they won,” he added.

"But at some point they must run out of space right?" William inquired.

"Yes ... who knows what FIFA will decide when that happens," said Pascualino.

"I also read that the cup has been restored on some occasions as it has been damaged by the euphoria of the players at the victory parties," said William with a smile.

"Imagine it! Having that great trophy in your hands. It would be incredible! I understand what they feel, but they should also be more responsible. There is only one original cup," answered Pascualino.

"I love the festive atmosphere when we are in the World Cup," said William. "It's like we are all more patriotic."

"I know what you mean," Pascualino supported. "It is as if it were possible for the whole country to unite because of soccer, " he said with a smile

"It's true, and that shows that if it is possible to unite the country around soccer, hopefully we can also unite for other important causes that also need our attention," said Pascualino's father.

"It's true ... I hadn't seen it that way," said William.

"The World Cup is a celebration of union and passion, which shows that it is possible to put aside differences if you believe in a cause," concluded Pascualino.

"Exactly!" said his father, "Those kinds of thoughts will be very useful to you, especially at the university," said his father as he gave Pascualino a pat on the back.

And the boy paled when he remembered what awaited him once the World Cup was over: University Life.

1. Pascualino easily adapts to change and flux.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Everyone in Colombia placed their wagers on the Colombian National Team.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Pascualino lived with lingering personal doubts and uncertainty.

  1. False
  2. True

4. Pascualino was fed up with his schoolmates.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino felt welcomed by all his teammates.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Pascualino gave the commencement address.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Pasculiano was one of the last students to be awarded the diploma.

  1. False
  2. True

8. The Colombian team scored a goal.

  1. False
  2. True

9. The original world cup is taken by the winning team to their country for the next 4 years.

  1. False
  2. True

10. The world cup has never been damaged

  1. False
  2. True

11. The World Cup creates unity among the citizens of the countries participating.

  1. False
  2. True
English Unit 2

The “Super Day” had arrived, and with it, the most anticipated and feared event for Pascualino: The official start of his university life. During the previous week, he had attended orientation, but today his classes would officially begin.

"How are you feeling today?" Pascualino's mother said to her son, while they both had breakfast. "You don't look very well. You're a little pale."

"Mom, I don't mean to be rude, but you don't look good either," replied Pascualino as he finished drinking his orange juice.

"Yes, these days everything that I eat makes me nauseous," said his mother. “I think I have been working too much, I just need some rest."

"And in today's sports news …" the silence of breakfast was interrupted by the sound of the TV that Pascualino's father had turned on in the living room.

"This weekend the highly anticipated Super Bowl will be held and our channel will be there to cover it. Also this year, the half-time show will feature a number of great international singers. Be sure to turn in to catch all the exciting action.! "

"They do make a fuss about those sporting events," Pascualino’s mother commented, somewhat annoyed. It was more than evident that she was not feeling well.

"Mom, you should get some sleep," suggested Pascualino.

"Yes." She stood up and gave him a kiss on the forehead as a farewell.

"Have a good day, your dad will drop you off on the way to work."


"There is certainly something wrong with your mom these days," Pascualino's father remarked to his children when they were in the car ready to leave.

“She is acting weird,” Carla said from the back seat. “The other day she scolded me for practicing my singing solo for music class. She loves to hear me sing!" she complained.

"It's true. The other day we were watching television and she just started crying out of nowhere," said their father, while he started the car. "Pascualino ... have you noticed anything?"

"What?" Said Pascualino disoriented.

"You know, anything about mom? Carla said, laughing and annoying Pascualino.

"At least I'm old enough to ride in the front seat!" the boy replied to his little sister.

“Guys!” Their father chided them.

"I'm sorry!" they both said at the same time.

The rest of the trip Pascualino was silent, while he let himself be carried away with the infinite possibilities of what would happen that day.

On the other hand, Carla and his father were immersed in an animated conversation about the possible causes of the strange behaviour of their mother. Pascualino was too busy with his own thoughts to take notice.

A few minutes later he said goodbye to his family and he was at the gates of what would be his University for the next few years of his life. Suddenly, reality overtook him and he swallowed hard. Expectations, fear and anxiety were driving his thoughts.

Pascualino looked around, a little confused, without being sure in which direction he should walk. He had spent more than a week touring the university during orientation, but he still did not know his way around. All of the buildings seemed like a labyrinth to him.

20 minutes passed as Pascualino searched for Building 13 and his first class of the morning.

Pascualino decided to ask a security guard for directions.

Fortunately, after what seemed like an eternity searching for his classroom, he was in the right place. He looked at his cell phone and he realized that he was late. He tried to enter without making any noise and sat in one of the empty chairs in the middle of the room.

"Who is the brave boy who dared to be late for my class?"

Pascualino looked up and saw his teacher's accusing gaze.

"Sorry.” he said quietly. He was about to state the reason for his tardiness, but instead remained silent. He did not want to be harrassed on the first day of class.

"Don't worry young man," said his teacher. "Do you know what class you are in?"

Pascualino nodded slowly. "Yes. This is Semiotics."

"That's right," his teacher replied, and he sighed in relief.

Just when Pascualino thought his teacher had finished with him, she asked, "What is your last name?"

"Bravo. I'm Pascualino Bravo."

"Well, Mr. Bravo, do you know what semiotics is?"

Her question left Pascualino frozen. How was unsure what semiotics was? She had caught him off guard with that question.

"No, I really don't know," he replied honestly, and he felt everyone's gaze fall on him. He felt his face burn with embarrassment because of his uncomfortable situation.

"Well, I think that was enough torture for one day," his teacher said with a kind smile. "Try not to be late again."

"Mr. Bravo, class, I am Ms. Spencer, your Semiotics teacher. It is a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my class."

After the little introduction given by the teacher, Pascualino felt a little more encouraged. The tense atmosphere relaxed, and Ms. Spencer proposed a game to break the ice. It consisted of throwing a ball around the room and every time someone caught it, they had to say their name and a curious fact about themselves, as well as the name of the person who had the ball previously.

As the minutes passed, they all began to grow in confidence as they laughed and joked one with the other.

"Guys, what would you think if I told you that this subject, as well as your career, can be as dynamic and fun as the activity we just did?" Ms. Spencer said once everyone had returned to their seats.

"Semiotics is the study of sign processes. That is, it can help us to examine the meaning acquired by communication and language in all its forms."

Pascualino tried to understand what his teacher had said, but It was somewhat confusing.

"I'll give you an example. How many of you are sports fans?" said the teacher, and most of the students raised their hands.

"And how about American football?"

Pascualino kept his hand raised.

"Do you think the Super Bowl has something to do with Semiotics?"

After meditating a bit, Pascualino dared to raise his hand.

"Yes? Mr. Bravo," said the teacher.

"Well, I would think so. Maybe you can analyze what the event represents for those who live in the United States. For example, it is not limited to being merely a game, but rather reflects a small part of the culture of the USA.” Pascualino explained.

"Good observation," his teacher congratulated him. "Semiotics allows us to discover that which is essential, but not always obvious: the concepts, the functionality, the meaning, etc ..." she explained.

"For example, I do not know if you have noticed this, but in the Super Bowl marketing and capitalism come together taking advantage of people’s passion for sports. There are multi-million dollar, 30 second commercials, elaborate half-time shows and a multitude of other American cultural attitudes on display.”

"Every detail counts, don’t they? The context, the people, the way they communicate," added a boy who was sitting behind Pascualino.

"Of course! There are a million factors that Semiotics must take into account to understand and analyze any given situation," Ms. Spencer said as she began to write something on the blackboard.

"Your first assignment will be to watch the Super Bowl this weekend and record at least 15 different details that highlight Semiotic communication,” Ms. Spencer said, while she finished writing the details on the board.

The activity didn't sound too difficult. Pascualino was planning to watch the game anyway, but now he would do it with an added purpose. This might even be fun! I think Ms. Spencer is right; designing can be very dynamic.

After surviving his first class, the university did not seem as scary as before. Pascualino was ready to see what surprises awaited him the rest of the week! He didn't plan on being late again though!

1. Pascualino's official classes at the university began during the second week of the semester.

  1. False
  2. True

2. The Super Bowl will only be available to watch online.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Carla was old enough to ride in the front passenger seat

  1. False
  2. True

4. Pascualino actively participated in the conversation on the way to the university.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino thought the university buildings were a maze.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Pascualino does not arrive on time for his Semiotics class

  1. False
  2. True

7. The questions asked by the teacher were a way of scolding Pascualino for being late.

  1. False
  2. True

8. The students felt excluded by the game proposed by Ms. Spencer.

  1. False
  2. True

9. Semiotics only applies to written language.

  1. False
  2. True

10. Small details are the essential key to communication.

  1. False
  2. True

11. Pascualino hadn't planned in advance to watch the super bowl before his class assignment.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 3

It was a hot Wednesday afternoon. However, the weather did not bother Pascualino, who was playing in a soccer game.

He had finished his class earlier that morning, where his teacher had told the students about the sports festival that afternoon at the university organized by "Bienestar Universitario." Its purpose was to promote health, exercise and bring students from different degree plans together for an afternoon of fun.

Pascualino was excited about the idea, as it would be a good opportunity to meet some of his classmates and make new friends. Also, playing sports was one of his favourite activities.

After class was over, he, along with some of his classmates, went to see what the event was all about. That's how Pascualino ended up playing soccer as his first afternoon activity.

Pascualino felt energetic. It was a very demanding match and took a lot out of him, but it was worth it, because his team won.

"Good game, Bravo!" Andres, one of his team members, said to him. "You should join the university team officially!"

"I might do just that! But I still can't decide if I should sign up for soccer, basketball or ultimate frisbee," Pascualino confessed.

"Maybe you could join them all!" answered another boy with a smile.

"I would love to, but I really don't think I have enough time for everything."

That was true. He had barely finished his first days of class and already Pascualino had 4 pending homework assignments to do.

Pascualino was exhausted, so he sat for a moment in the stands to catch his breath and drink some water.

Overall, these types of activities have helped Pascualino feel more comfortable in college. So far, most of the people Pascualino has met, both teachers and students, have been very kind.

He still felt somewhat unsure of himself around so many different kinds of people from so many different backgrounds. Compared to his old school, where all the students had to wear a uniform, and behave in the same way, the university was a spectacular place, where everyone is able to express themselves however they might like.

"Hey! It's the boy from the semiotics class," Pascualino heard someone say behind me

He turned to see where the voice was coming from and saw a group of boys that he had been with in one of his classes.

"What was your name again?” one of the boys asked.

"I'm Pascualino, what's up?"

"I'm Sebastian, nice to meet you, man."

"Boy, you are my hero. You should have seen your face the other day in class when the teacher accused you of being late. It was very funny, you were pale," he says between laughs.

Pascualino wasn’t sure if he should feel flattered for being a "hero" or offended because Sebastian was making fun of him.

"Don't be offended, Pascualino! It's just a joke!" Sebastian explained, "Let me introduce you to everybody.”

As Pascualino followed Sebastian to meet the others, He noticed two tattoos on his arm: a snake surrounded by flowers and what appeared to be a mini-universe with planets. Pascualino thought they were great designs.

"Did you draw them?" Pascualino asked Sebastian.

"Yes! They both have a very special meaning for me," he replied.

But before Pascualino could ask what they meant, Sebastian was introducing him to his friends.

They are all very different, each with their own unique characteristics and personalities, but you could tell that they were all friends and got along very well.

"Hey Sebas! I see you've brought over a newbie!" said a dark-haired boy smiling.

“That is Santiago," said Sebastian.

Santiago was average height, with black hair and he had an ear stretcher in his left ear.

"She's Rebecca," Sebastian pointed to a tall, white-skinned girl with straight hair that reached her waist ending in blue tips.

"And they are the sisters, Sara and Maria."

Two identical twins, who could be differentiated by the color of their hair. Sara had curly hair dyed a bright pink. She also had some tattoos. On the other hand, Maria had wavy blonde hair and a small ring in her nose.

"Nice to meet you all! I’m Pascualino ... You already know, from Semiotics' class," he said with a smile trying to joke a bit. They all laughed and smiled with Pascualino.

"Sure! We remember you," Sara said with a big smile.

"We were about to go take a look at what other sports we can participate in today. Do you want to go with us?" Rebecca said, breaking the ice.

"Sure! It will be good to see what other options are available," PascualinoI replied.

As they started walking, Pascualino said, "How did you guys meet?" Pascualino was curious if they had known each other from high school.

"Well, Santiago, Sara and I have known each other since high school. We met Rebecca and Sebastian last week during orientation. That is a very funny story," explained Maria.

Pascualino was about to ask her the story, when out of nowhere Sara exclaimed, "Cricket! We have to go!"

"Sara ... are you okay? What was that scream ?!" Sebastian scoffed, "You almost blew me away!"

"Sorry Sebas, I'm just a huge Cricket fan. Would you mind if we try it ?" Sara said, making her best pleading face.

"I don't think we have a choice," Santiago glared at her.

"Well, it looks interesting, but the truth is that I don't know anything about it. " Pascualino confessed, trying to encourage her and indirectly convince the others to agree.

"Yes! Thank you! It is a shame that it is not more widely-known here in Colombia. In some countries it is the most important sport with a tournament championship similar to the World Cup. It is called The Cricket World Cup," explained Sara, excitedly.

"I had no idea," replied Pascualino, interested and curious.

"Guys, are you interested in cricket?" asked the young man in charge of signing people up.

"Yeah, but first we’d like to know what it is," Santiago said with a laugh.

"Well, Cricket is a bat and ball sport, which consists of two teams. each with eleven players," the man explained.

"And what is the objective?" Sebastian asked.

"Well, the main objective in a cricket match is to score runs, similar to that of baseball. And, also like baseball, Cricket is played in innings," Sara answered quickly.

"Excellent! Looks like we have an expert here!" the young man exclaimed.

"I'm just a huge fan, although I've never tried to actually play it,'' Sara said somewhat discouraged.

"Well today is your lucky day ... because we have just opened a practice match for beginners," the young man said.

"But, you need a lot more people to make up a team," Sara replied.

"Exactly, that's the challenge. If you can encourage more people to play, then we can start as soon as possible!" The man encouraged us.

"OK. Let's do it!" Sebastian said and everyone agreed.

"Thank you guys! You will see that you will like it. I don't know why it is such a rare sport here. in countries like Australia or India it is so popular, and the salaries of the players are really high!" Sara said, as they started to look for people to play with them.

After about an hour or so, they had rounded up enough people and so that afternoon they spent the time learning how to play a new sport, Cricket.

It was a great day. Pasculaino not only played a new sport, but also had the good fortune to make new friends.

The sports day at the university not only allowed Pascualino to expand his circle of friends, but it also began to help him adapt more to the university. As part of a team, he understood that he was not the only one who was going through this process, and that he could count on the support of his classmates to get through everything that awaited them at the university.

1. Pascualino thought that going to the festival was a great opportunity not to attend class

  1. False
  2. True

2. Pascualino planned to participate in a variety of sports because he had enough time.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Pascualino feels free to be himself at the university

  1. False
  2. True

4. Pascualino was uncertain of Sebastian’s remarks about him.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Sebastian's tattoos had an inconsequential meaning to him.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Maria and Sara had identical hair.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Everyone that Pascualino met had been friends since high school.

  1. False
  2. True

8. Cricket is a rather obscure sport in all parts of the world.

  1. False
  2. True

9. Sara knows a lot about cricket because she likes to play.

  1. False
  2. True

10. Pascualino and his friends needed to come up with more people before they could start a Cricket match.

  1. False
  2. True

11. Pascualino hadn't planned in advance to watch the super bowl before his class assignment.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 4

The weekend had arrived and that only meant one thing, that Pascualino could finally see his girlfriend, Windy.

Since Pascualino and Windy had begun their relationship last year, they had made a promise: to spend at least one day a week together.

Every weekend Pascualino and Windy would take turns organizing activities that they both enjoyed. This weekend it was Pascualino's turn. He had decided to take Windy for a serene walk through the city center.

Pascualino had been somewhat stressed during the week, and although it was barely his first week of school, he had a lot of pending homework. He had also noticed an unusually tense atmosphere at home and how his parents dodged the subject every time he had asked them if everything was OK.

He went to pick up Windy at her house, and when he saw her, he felt the tension in his shoulders ease a little, knowing that he could share with her all his worries during their afternoon together. The young couple greeted each other with a smile and a kiss. Windy invited Pascualino inside to say hello to her mother and they talked for a bit. After half an hour, the young couple set out on their way to a downtown restaurant for lunch together.

Windy had noticed something strange about Pascualino since he had arrived at her house, but she did not want to press him, assuming that perhaps it would pass with time. But on the way to Junin Street to eat, he had only gotten worse. He was distant and distracted, and every time Windy spoke to him, she had to repeat her words twice.

It wasn't until after lunch that Windy couldn't resist the tension anymore, she was too worried.

“Maybe he had already gotten tired of their relationship and couldn't find a way to break up with her, or had met someone else in college,” she thought to herself.

"Pascualino, is everything okay?" Windy finally asked.

"If you want to tell me something, go ahead. You can tell me anything. You've been a little strange today, and I honestly understand that maybe things have changed between us now that you have started college. So, if you want us to end our relationship, I understand but..."

"Where did you get the idea that I want to break up with you?" Pascualino quickly interrupted.

"Well, you have been acting very distant all day long," she responded.

Pascualino took Windy’s hand on the table and caressed her skin gently.

“I’m sorry, Windy," Pascualino told her.

"You don't have to apologize. I understand," Windy told him with a sad expression as she got up from the table.

"Wait? No! Of course I don't want to break up with you,” Pascualino reassured her. “I meant I was sorry for acting so strange today. I've had a lot on my mind this week,"

Windy smiled, and gently squeezed Pascualino’s hand.

"I'm sorry for the drama, but I was worried about us."

“I understand, if I were in your position I would have thought the same thing, too.” Pascualino said.

"Do you wanna talk about what is bothering you?" Windy asked.

Pasualino was grateful for the chance to share with Windy his anxiety and stress. He needed to talk to someone.

Pascualino brought Windy up to speed on the whole situation with his parents and the university. He told her about his mother's strange symptoms and the tense atmosphere in his home. He also went on to tell her about his new friends at the university, the sports they had and the creative block he was having with regards to a project he had to complete by next week.

Windy listened carefully and from time to time nodded, to show her support. When Pascualino finally finished, Windy said confidently, "I think what you need is a little empathy."

"Understanding? What do you mean? I am confused,” Pascualino replied.

"Well, I think you just need to show a little more understanding about the situations that are bothering you," she said with a smile, which managed to calm Pascualino down.

"And you are not alone, I will help you."

"You don't know how much I appreciate that," Pascualino told her.

"Well, for example, you can start by trying to have a little more empathy for your parents. Understand that they are in a complicated and difficult situation, and that they also have to deal with you and Carla's bad temper," Windy told Pasucalino.

Windy, you’re right. No matter what, we are a family and my behaviour in the last few days has only made the family situation worse.” Pascualino confided.

"And as for your creative block, well, you haven't even begun to investigate in detail the theme of the poster that you must design. Tell me, do you even know what the Olympic games were like in Ancient Greece?" Windy asked.

"You're right. I haven't focused on my homework because I have been thinking about my family too much," Pascualino said with a grateful smile.

"You know I'm here to support you. I may not be able to help you with your parents' situation, but we can brainstorm ideas for your Olympic games poster. Let's start researching a bit!" Windy exclaimed.

After lunch, Windy and Pascualino headed over to the library. Pascualino really couldn’t have been more grateful to have a girl like Windy by his side.

"Look! It says here that the first Olympic games were held in Greece in 776 BC," Windy said while looking at an old book in the library.

"Athletes from different cities in Greece participated. And if they happened to be in a war, they would enter into a special peace treaty for the duration of the games," Windy continued.

Then she showed Pascualino some images from the book where naked men were shown competing in a sprint. The book went on to explain how the games were born as a religious festival in honor of the Greek Gods.

Windy began to read more: "Only free men, who spoke Greek, were allowed to participate in the games. One of the first events consisted of a race between naked men to honor the divinity, perfection and beauty of the human body.

"Can you imagine having to participate naked in the current Olympic games broadcast worldwide? That would be very embarrassing!" Windy said with a laugh.

Pascualino joined in with her laughing and imagining what that would be like.

"Do you have any inspiration or ideas for the poster yet?" Windy asked, noticing how Pascualino was concentrating on the images in the book in detail.

"Yes. Little by little my creativity is beginning to flow. Thanks for your help, beautiful," Pascualino replied to Windy

"Listen to this. In the beginning, women were not allowed to participate or even watch the games, but eventually single women were allowed to be spectators," Windy said.

"Interesting! I just read that over time the event evolved and the competition categories expanded. The prize for the winner was the immortality of registering his victory in the temple of Zeus. That has given me a new idea that could work on the poster!" I said with a huge smile to Windy.

"That's excellent! You see! When you understand things better, life isn’t so tense and difficult," Windy pointed out.

"Yes! You're right! I feel like my creativity and inspiration came back to me!" Pascualino replied. "Thanks for helping me today!"

"It was a pleasure, and I had fun learning something new," Windy said.

"I think we deserve an ice cream as a reward for our hard work. I will return these books to the shelf and then we can go and get our well-deserved prize," Windy nodded with a smile. Pasculaino knows how much she loves ice cream.

Suddenly Pascualino’s cell phone began to vibrate. It was his father. A bad feeling came over him. Pascualino read the text: "Pascualino, we are in the hospital, your mother fainted!"

Immediately, Windy and Pascualino headed over to the hospital.

1. Pascualino and Windy have a minimum of one date per week.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Immediately after Pascualino picked up Windy from her house they went straight to the restaurant.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Windy inferred that Pascualino wanted to break up with her

  1. False
  2. True

4. Windy was unconcerned that Pascualino wanted to end their relationship.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino didn't want to tell Windy why he was acting weird

  1. False
  2. True

6. Pascualino lacked inspiration to finish his college assignments.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Pascualino acknowledged that his behaviour with his parents lately had been selfish.

  1. False
  2. True

8. Windy was determined to help Pascualino get out of his creative block.

  1. False
  2. True

9. The Olympic games in ancient Greece were held in honor of the perfection of Gríeek women.

  1. False
  2. True

10. Women were never allowed to watch the games

  1. False
  2. True

11. At the end of the day Pascualino and Windy managed to enjoy their amazing ice cream.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 5

When Pascualino received the call from his father, his world fell apart and he began to imagine all the possible reasons why his mother could have fainted.

All the happiness he had felt at finally having a little creativity was replaced by the anxiety of uncertainty.

Although Pascualino had told Windy to go home, she refused to do so, claiming that she wanted to be there to support him.

In any other situation, Pascualino would have thanked Windy for her concern, but told her it was OK to go home. But this time he hugged her as a sign of his gratitude and took her hand to go to the hospital. He felt weak and anxious because all he wanted was for his mother to be okay.

Night was beginning to fall on the city and the street was packed with vehicles. As it was Saturday night, many people were going out to have fun and Pascualino was generally one of those, but not this night. He just wanted the traffic to die down so he could get to the hospital as soon as possible.

Windy remained silent and looked at Pascualino while taking his hand; she felt helpless and unable to do much to ease his worry.

The last time Windy had been to the hospital was when Pascualino had fallen while skating. That day was a bad memory for Windy as she remembered feeling guilty for his accident and the fact that Pascualino lost his memory due to his temporary amnesia. In short, her last experience at the hospital had been terrible, and she really hoped that everything would go well with her mother-in-law.

After what seemed like an eternity, the traffic began to clear up. Pascualino noticed how Windy had increased the pressure on their joined hands. He looked at Windy and noticed that she looked a little upset.

"Hey," Pascualino said to Windy, "Is everything alright?"

"Yes ... I was just remembering the day you lost your memory; I really had a bad time that day. I can't even imagine how worried you must be for your mother," she confessed to Pascualino, as she leaned over to rest her head on his shoulder.

"Let's try and think about something else for the moment," Pascualino suggested.

"OK," Windy responded. "I've always been curious about how you ended up deciding to study graphic design."

"Seriously, have I never told you that story?"

Windy shook her head and Pascualino asked , “Do you want to hear it now?"

Windy raised her head and nodded eagerly.

"Well, make yourself comfortable. It all began when I was just a small and innocent child who believed that life was rosy and loved to hear the birds singing."

"Hey! Come on! That was a serious question! Don't make fun of me!" Windy interrupted with a laugh

"No, I'm really serious! It all started because when I was little I liked nature and I wanted to paint its beauty. So when I grew up I wanted to become a landscape painter, and that's more or less the reason," Pascualino revealed..

"That was a pretty short story!" complained Windy.

"We have arrived, I'll finish telling you later," Pascualino promised her.

Pascualino rushed to pay for the taxi, and they quickly ran into the hospital. The place was immense and Pascualino had to call his father to find the exact room where his mother was.

"How is my mother?" Pascualino asked his father when he saw him in the hall.

"We still have no news. It has been almost an hour and a half since she was admitted but it seems that there are many people in the emergency room today," my father replied with an apparently calm expression, but Pascualino could tell that he was actually extremely concerned over the situation.

When Carla saw Pascualino, she threw herself into his arms and started crying. Pascualino tried to calm her down and told her that everything was going to be OK.

Windy looked at Pascualino with concern and then tried to distract Carla by asking her about school. That seemed to work for a moment, because she told us she was doing her physical education homework when their mother fainted, but she had to leave it halfway finished to run to the hospital with Dad.

"And what was your homework about?" Windy inquired, when she noticed that Carla was about to cry again.

"About the Olympics in ancient Rome," Carla replied.

"Look! What a coincidence! Your brother was also given an assignment about the Olympic games! What do you think if we continue studying a little more about it while we wait for news about your mother?"

Carla seemed to perk up at Windy´s idea and thought it was a good idea.

With Carla a little calmer, Pascualino told his father that they were going to go to a more secluded room in the hospital to help Carla with her homework assignment.

When they got to the room, they got comfortable and each began to look for curious facts about the Olympic games in ancient Rome online.

“I think this research on the Olympics will also help me come up with new ideas for my posters,” said Pascualino.

"Remember when we read about the glory of the Greek Olympics?" Windy asked. "Well, I found a video where they explained the decline of the Olympic games in Greece coincided with the rise of the Roman Empire."

That fact immediately caught Pascualino’s attention and he asked Windy to tell him more about it.

"The Romans were more fans of grand spectacles rather than athletic competitions. Likewise, they saw sport as a form of entertainment and not as a religious holiday," explained Windy.

"That is quite interesting,”replied Pascualino.

“Listen to this,” Windy said as she began reading, "The Olympic Games in ancient Rome were used more as a tool to manipulate the masses and provide entertainment." read Windy.

"My teacher explained that in Rome sport was a social diversion, a public spectacle by and for the State." Carla added.

"Why did your P.E. teacher give you such a theoretical assignment?" Pascualino inquired curiously.

“I am surprised that sports history is part of physical education class,” said Pascualino.

"My teacher said that sports goes much further than physical activity. In fact, sports reveal a lot about a society and that is why it is also important to know the history," Carla told Pascualino with a smile.

"Well, I have bad news," Windy said.

Carla and Pascualino turned to see Windy fearfully, thinking that she had news about mom.

"The Olympic games were abolished in 393 AD by Emperor Theodosius I, who believed they were a pagan celebration," Windy finished reading.

"When you said you had bad news I thought you meant about my mom," Pascualino confessed to Windy. “That scared me.”

"No!" She apologized. "I was just referring to the information I found about the Olympic games"

They spent a little more time reading and watching some videos, when suddenly Pascualino’s cell phone rang.

"It's Dad. He says they finally have a diagnosis about mom," Pascualino told the girls before they ran up to her room.

"So, what is going on?" Pascualino asked his father as soon as they arrived.

He was pale and with an expression that Pascualino had never seen on his father before..

"She….," he tried to say, while he looked at Carla and Pascualino. "Your mother is pregnant."

1. Pascualino finally told Windy that it was OK for her to go home.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Windy felt that she could not do much to end Pascualino's anxiety.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Going to the hospital reminded Windy of the accident that Pascualino had suffered the previous year.

  1. False
  2. True

4. Windy does not know the reason why Pascualino chose graphic design as a profession

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino was attracted to creativity since he was a child

  1. False
  2. True

6. Pascualino's father was, in reality, was very really calm about the situation.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Windy suggested helping Carla with her homework as a distraction to cheer her up.

  1. False
  2. True

8. The Greek Olympic games increased in popularity with the expansion of the Roman Empire into Greece.

  1. False
  2. True

9. The Romans made the Olympics a religious celebration.

  1. False
  2. True

10. The olympic games were abolished as they were a celebration contrary to Christianity.

  1. False
  2. True

11. Pascualino's family will soon be bigger.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 6

Pregnant ... Pregnant .... Pregnant. It was the only word that Pascualino's family could think of. Everyone was shocked by the news. How was it possible that Pascualino's mother had become pregnant at her age?

Seconds, minutes or maybe even hours had passed since Pascualino's father had given the news to his children that they would have a new baby in the family, and still none of them could find the words to express their feelings about the situation.

"She is pregnant" was a seemingly simple phrase, but quite complex to process taking everything into account.

The entire family seemed to be immersed in their own thoughts and had fallen into a silence that was quite uncomfortable for Windy, who felt like she was intruding on a personal, private family matter.

Windy tried to break the silence by letting Pascualino know that she would go home. Maybe she couldn't be of much help, but she was sure that Pascualino needed her support more than ever, especially as he quickly hugged her tightly and rested his chin on Windy's head.

"Please don't go," Pascualino said softly.

"OK. I'm not going anywhere, " Windy reassured him.

"I already told my parents that I would be arriving a little later than planned anyways."

As time passed, the shock turned to curiosity. Pascualino and Carla had thousands of questions to ask their father, but every time one of them tried to break the silence to start a conversation, their father avoided giving any answer and remained silent.

"Guys, today is not the day for questions, this has taken us all by surprise."

That was the only thing their father said, after Carla's ninth question. Pascualino knew his father well enough to be sure that it was useless to pressure him.

"Carla, Windy, I think it is better that we go," suggested Pascualino. He was sure his parents needed some time alone.

"But I want to see mom!" Carla said indignantly.

"Your brother is right" replied their father "It is better that you come back tomorrow, your mother must rest."

Carla tried to protest but seeing her father’s serious look, she had no choice but to obey.

"Son, you are in charge, please return home carefully. I will keep you informed of the situation, see you tomorrow."

Then their father gave Carla a kiss on the forehead and a hug to Pascualino.

"Now more than ever we must be united, I appreciate the understanding of you both."

Once they got out of the hospital, they took a taxi home. On the way, they left Windy at her house, with the promise that if they needed something they would not hesitate to ask.

"You know you are not alone, I am always here for you," Windy said to Pascualino before saying goodbye with a soft kiss and getting out of the taxi.

When they got home, they met their grandparents and were pleasantly surprised that they had decided to spend the night with them, to give them their support and accompany them the next day to visit their mother in the hospital.

After drinking a hot chocolate prepared by their grandmother, Carla and Pascualino went to bed. It had been a long day and they were both exhausted.

But that night Pascualino did nothing but toss and turn in his bed. He couldn't sleep thinking about how the arrival of a new member to their family would change his life and his family in the future.

When dawn arrived, Pascualino could barely keep his eyes open due to accumulated fatigue and the sleepless night. But with no other choice, he prepared to go to the hospital, hoping to find not another surprise.

Pascualino’s head was killing him. He spent the whole night thinking about his mother and her pregnancy.

Pascualino also tried to do a little of his homework last night, and although at first he managed to distract himself from the chaotic situation in his head, he ended up with a creative block again.

As he waited in the hospital to see his mother, he thought that seeing her would give him some peace of mind and thus help free him from his anxiety and worry and allow him to finish his homework.

As Pascualino waited on the sofa in the waiting room, he opened his laptop and began working in Adobe Illustrator to make some final edits to the poster of the Olympic games that he had to deliver the following morning.

Pascualino had been struggling with the composition of the poster for about half an hour, and he couldn’t find a design that satisfied him.

"I don't want to be nosy, but maybe you could try integrating the symbol of the Olympic games in the background," said a female voice behind him.

Without turning around, Pascualino quickly applied the anonymous suggestion and it worked.

"I really appreciate it. It was just the idea that I needed to finish it," he said as I turned around to see the person who gave him such a good idea.

"Thank you very much, " Pascualino started to say as his words stopped in the air as he realized who was sitting behind him, the gold medalist from the female BMX competition.

He was shocked. There were just too many surprises for him in such a short period of time. He never would have imagined that he would find a famous Olympic medalist in the hospital.

"It's my pleasure, I'm glad I could be of help," she said with a sincere smile.

"Yes, you were...are..." Pascualino stuttered, still trying to overcome his initial surprise.

"Good! Because frustration is a horrible feeling, not only in creativity, but also in sports,” she replied.

"You know, for example, to get to the Olympics I had to train every single day for long periods of time and it was impossible not to get frustrated sometimes, but it is always good to receive help and no matter what, continue fighting for your dreams," she continued.

"You're right! If I can be honest, I think you are an incredible woman and a great example for all Colombians. Your success teaches us that persistence, discipline, humility and passion can take you very far," I tell her sincerely.

"Thank you very much for your kind words," she replied.

"Sure! you have fought with effort for each gold medal you have won and especially in the Olympics," he said animatedly.

"But really all my achievements have been in conjunction with my family. I could never have gotten to where I am now without them. They are my inspiration."

When she mentioned her family, the reason for his visit to the hospital came back to his mind and his concern grew stronger.

"Is everything okay?" Pascualino’s new friend inquired, noticing his tension. "If you want you can tell me, there is still a long time before they call me," she said with a friendly smile.

Pascualino was sure that if he had been in any other situation he would have rejected the offer. But he really needed to talk to someone, and he was really curious to get her opinion about his family’s situation. So he took a seat in the free chair next to her and told her everything.

The Olympic gold medalist listened to him attentively, and when he finally finished she spoke up.

"I understand that this situation is a great surprise, and most likely it will take your whole family some time to adapt to this new reality. But guess what? You have a huge advantage. No matter what happens in the future, you will have a new family bond with this new baby, just like you already have with Carla, a bond of siblings."

She paused to give Pascualino time to think about her words and continued, “My older brother was always a great example for me. I started playing sports because I wanted to be like him and be able to compete together. No matter what happens, I know I can always count on him and our bond will never break."

"I agree," Pascualino finally said. “It didn't matter how this new baby had arrived, he or she was already part of the family and we will have an unconditional bond because we are siblings.”

"That's right, in my family we are all very competitive, and although that sometimes was difficult, it turned me into a disciplined woman. They formed the person I am today and I know I always have their support," she said.

"Thank you for everything, not only for the advice with the Poster, but also for listening to me. I feel like everything will work out for the best," Pascualino confessed.

"No matter how or why any of this is happening, it is a blessing to be able to expand our family bond."

Her turn to be seen finally came and so they had no choice but to say goodbye. They gave each other a hug and Pascualino wished her many more successes in the next Olympics.

Pascualino had a new perspective on the situation and of what really matters, the unbreakable bond of a family.

1. Everyone in Pascualino's family expressed their excitement about the arrival of the new baby.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Windy decided to stay with Pascualino after all.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Pascualino's father was speechless by the surprise of the pregnancy.

  1. False
  2. True

4. Carla was tired and wanted to go home.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino slept well due to his exhaustion and fatigue.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Pascualino wanted to see his mother to calm down and be able to finally focus on his pending task.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Pascualino expected to meet a Colombian Olympic Champion while he worked on his school project.

  1. False
  2. True

8. The Olympic champion believed that frustration was a sensation that was only experienced in sports.

  1. False
  2. True

9. Pascualino refused to tell the his new friend about his family situation

  1. False
  2. True

10. His new friend said that she started practicing sports because she wanted to be different from her brother

  1. False
  2. True

11. Pascualino finally understood that he would never have the same bond with the new baby that he has with Carla.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 7

During the holidays, Pascualino and Carla were sent by their parents to spend a few days with Aunt Emma in Alaska. The children were very excited to see their mother's sister again. Since their last visit, they had both been eager to return to the cold country to enjoy the snow and ice again.

The last few weeks had been difficult, not only for Pascualino, but also for his family. The university was becoming more and more challenging and the family changes did not help to improve the situation.

During the flight to Alaska, Pascualino couldn't stop thinking about how his life would change now that his family was getting bigger.

The relationship between his parents had been strange and the tensions only increased. Most of the time they were arguing about the bills to pay, the new routine they would have to have with the baby, the space adjustments in the house, and many more issues. That, added to the mood swings of his mother due to her pregnancy, resulted in total chaos.

Pascualino was really grateful that they could take some time to relax and have a good experience in Alaska thanks to Emma’s generosity, since she was paying for their trip herself.

Pascualino had to admit, it felt great to be back in the snow and ice, so much so that he largely managed to forget the heartaches that plagued him at home.

The last few days Carla and Pascualino had not stopped ice skating, skiing, playing in the snow and cheering on their cousin, Juan, at his hockey practice.

The winter Olympic games were approaching and every day in the afternoon they would go with their cousin to his hockey practice. Juan’s team had qualified to compete in the great winter olympics.

The discipline and dedication of their cousin in his training was really admirable. During the mornings he practiced by himself in the backyard at Aunt Emma's house, and in the afternoons he practiced with his team at the local ice rink.

On the days that Pascualino went to watch Juan, his teammates encouraged him to try hockey. Once in a while after the team finished practice, Pascualino would go out on the ice and practice skating and playing hockey.

While skating on the ice, Pascualino understood better why Juan loved hockey so much; it was simply liberating.

"Hey little cousin," Juan said entering the room "Are you going to practice hockey with us today?

"I already told you not to call me little!" I glared at him "We are only 4 years apart in age!"

"Yeah, whatever you say, but you will always be my little cousin," he teases.

"I already told you that I won't be able to go today. I have a video call with my girlfriend," Pascualino repeated to him for the tenth time today.

"Yes, I always forget that my cousin is in love," Juan said as he began to throw fake kisses into the air and laugh.

"You only say that because you don’t have a girlfriend," Pascualino replied. At times, Juan could really really be a nuisance. Whenever Pascualino would talk about Windy, Juan would start making jokes about it.

"You wish, there are many girls who love me! Playing hockey has its advantages," Juan winked at Pascualino proudly, and walked away and headed down to the ice rink.

"I'm sorry Pascualino, don't feel bad," said Aunt Emma out of nowhere. Pascualino didn’t know she was standing there.

"Juan has always had a problem with love. For years he has been after the same girl but she never pays attention to him because of his haughty attitude. He is my son but sometimes I can't even stand him," she says between laughs.

The incoming notification of Windy's call appeared on his phone screen, and so Pascualino apologized to Aunt Emma and answered the call from Windy.

Since he had arrived in Alaska, they had not spoken. They had only sent each other messages and photos, so Pascaulino was very excited to hear her voice again. Pascualino stood next to the large window that offered a direct view of the winter landscape. He answered the call with a big smile, which did not really do justice to how happy he felt.

"Hey gorgeous! How are you?"

Windy's beautiful eyes light up on the other side.

"I'm happy to see you," she told Pascualino.

"It has been strange not to spend this time on vacation with you here."

"I know. I feel the same. How's everything going there?" Pascualino asked her, while he sat on the comfortable sofa in the living room to continue the call.

"What a beautiful landscape behind you!" Windy exclaims, referring to the snow-covered pine trees that could be seen through the window.

"Yes, it's all a dream. One day we have to come to Alaska together," Pascualino proposed excitedly.

"Yes, nothing would make me happier," she answered with a beautiful smile.

"By the way, you look like you are doing well. I think this time away from your parents has done you good, don't you?"

It was true. Although Pascualino already knew it, Windy only reaffirmed his feelings.

"Absolutely! If Carla and I have had difficulty accepting the fact that we will have a new brother or sister, I can not imagine how difficult the situation must be for our parents." Pascualino pondered aloud.

"Yes, at least you guys have been able to take a vacation in Alaska, while they have remained in their stressful adult routine," Windy adds.

At that moment, Pascualino had a crazy idea.

"I think I have a possible solution to reduce the tension between my parents," Pascualino admitted proudly.

“I know that look and although I am dying to know what you have in mind, it also scares me a little."

Pascualino smiled at Windy’s comment. He couldn’t blame her apprehension. He had to admit that on some occasions his ideas were somewhat unique

"Don't worry. This time it won't be too difficult. Do you like to dance?" Pascualino asked with curiosity

"How does that relate to your parents?" Windy looked at him dumbfounded.

"Answer my question first, please," Pascualino insisted.

"I asked you first," and winked at her playfully.

"Well, I took ballet classes when I was little. But if you want the truth, it's that I'm not very good at dancing," Windy said as she looked down a little embarrassed.

"Don't worry! We will have to learn together," Pascualino told her with a smile.

"What do you mean?" her eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes! We will have to learn how to dance, " Pascualino repeated cheerfully.

"But you still haven’t told me your plan," Windy said seriously.

"OK! I know you love my crazy ideas. That's one of the many things I love about you. You always support me.”

Windy smiled and said, "Good! I don't know what we’re going to do, but tell me: what is this all about.”

"You're the best!” Pascualino blew her a kiss across the screen.

“Here is the project: Where everything began."

For the rest of the call, the young couple excitedly planned the details of the surprise for Pascualino's parents. Pascualino couldn’t wait to return to Colombia to carry out his idea.

1. Pascualino's whole family went to spend the holidays with Aunt Emma.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Pascualino was happy to be able to momentarily forget about his problems.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Juan's team would participate in the winter Olympic games.

  1. False
  2. True

4. The only hockey practice Pascualino's cousin does is during the afternoon.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino hated the nickname his cousin gave him.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Due to Juan's arrogance, the girl he loves rejects him all the time.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Pascualino answered Windy's call next to the door.

  1. False
  2. True

8. Pascualino's girlfriend noticed that he was discouraged due to his trip.

  1. False
  2. True

9. The ideas that Pascualino usually has are out of the ordinary.

  1. False
  2. True

10. Windy will teach Pascualino how to dance.

  1. False
  2. True

11. Pascualino would carry out his project alone.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 8
PASCUALINO AND TANGO “Where Everything Began”

"Ouch!" Windy said to Pascualino for the third time that day, as they rocked back and forth through the ballroom.

An entire week of rehearsal had gone by and they still could not perform the dance they had chosen for the plan.

Yes, the plan! The wonderful plan that Pascualino had come up with to try to ease the tensions at home between his parents. The plan: Where everything began!

Since Pascualino had told Windy the details of the plan, she had done nothing but support him, although now she was beginning to regret it. It was too tiring to rehearse every day after school.

"I want to take a break. We have rehearsed a lot today and my feet already hurt with these shoes," the girl complained.

"Honey, could we rehearse just a little more please? We have a few days left before the big act," Pascualino begged her.

"Forget it. I'm tired and I'm going home," Windy said, exasperated and fatigued. She then turned around and walked out, leaving her boyfriend standing in the middle of the room with the tango melody still playing in the background.

After Windy’s little "tired scene" yesterday, Pascualino could feel an uneasy tension in the air between them. They continued to practice together, but their minds were elsewhere.

"Guys! What happened?" said Martina, their tango instructor. "Yesterday, when I left, you were happy and today you cannot even look into each other's eyes."

"Sorry, I'm a little ..."Pascualino tried to answer but couldn't think of an excuse.

"Uncomfortable," interjected Windy.

"Well, we will have to solve this. Do you remember what I told you in the first class? What makes Tango so special and different?" asked Martina.

Windy and Pascualino looked at her without having any answer.

"It's you guys!" said Martina.

They both look at her confused.

"The chemistry, the emotions, the story you tell as a couple as you dance," clarified Martina.

Windy and Pascualino stood silent and apart, not knowing very well what they should do now.

"This was not what I taught you!" Martina said indignantly.

"Come on Pascualino, bring Windy closer to you and hug her. Now, Windy put your hand where I showed you on Pascualino's back."

The couple heeded Martina's instructions, as she turned on the music again.

"Now, relax and listen to each other's bodies!"

After a few uncomfortable seconds, the couple went back to practicing their choreography, but this time they tried to really enjoy the dance. They performed the basic steps that Martina taught them, the close embrace, the walk, the cut and the ravine. Every time their bodies approached and caressed each other, Pascualino finally began to understand what Martina had been saying, it was as if they fit together perfectly.

Pascualino was lost in the dance and the only thing that motivated him now was the touch of Windy and his desire to be by her. The tension between the young couple began to subside and was replaced by a spark of unity and chemistry. By the time the dance ended, they were dancing in unison and enjoying each other once again.

The following rehearsals passed quickly and the time finally arrived for Pascualino and Windy to carry out their much anticipated plan.

"Martina, thanks for everything. We couldn't have done it without you," Windy thanked their instructor, a few minutes before going on stage.

"It's true, you not only helped us with the dance, but also with all the logistics of the surprise," Pascualino added as he took Windy's hand. Pascualino couldn’t deny that he was a bit nervous. All he could think about was that he hoped everything would go well.

"Thanks to you for making me part of this," said Martina with a big smile. "Pascualino, this was an excellent idea to recreate your parents' first date."

"It was where it all began between them," Pascualino admitted proudly.

"My parents also fell in love dancing Tango," said Martina with a smile. "That's why I'm an instructor, I feel closer to them when I dance."

"What do you mean?" asked Windy, with interest.

"They both died a few years ago," Martina said with a sad tone. "That is why it means so much to me to be able to help you with this surprise. It’s as if it were my parents whom I was bringing together again,” she finally confesses.

Minutes later, Windy and Pascualino came out on stage. Pascualino held her hand tightly, and he let himself be carried away by the music. The place was illuminated with dim lights of warm colors, which added a romantic touch to the environment.

When Pascualino tried to convince his parents to come to the "surprise," he only suggested that it would be nice to have some time alone. Pascualino gave his parents tickets to a special event held at the “university."

Pascualino was now sure that they suspected something strange was going to take place, as they were the only ones in attendance. They sat alone at a table, in the center of the room.

Windy and Pascualino performed their dance and then Martina served his parents dinner.

"This is just perfect," Pascualino’s mother said through tears, as the young couple approached their table.

"Yes! It was just like when we met on that trip to Buenos Aires," added Pascualino’s father with a smile, taking her hand.

"That was the idea, to remind you why you fell in love and how it happened," Pascualino explained. "If you'll excuse us, we'll give you some space."

"Thank you Son! We needed this after having had such a difficult time lately," said his mother.

"It's true. It has been incredible. I can't imagine how much effort it meant for both of you," said my father to me and Windy.

"We did it with love, just enjoy. It was a pleasure," says Windy with a sincere smile.

Windy and Pascualino went back to the dressing room to change and eat something before going home.

"I think everything went very well. I really don't have enough words to thank you for your help, " Pascualino told Windy as he hugged her.

"I'm not going to lie to you, it was very tiring to have so many rehearsals during the week, but it was worth it to see the happy faces of your parents," she told him as she kissed him.

As they left the ballroom, they could see Pascualino’s parents rocking romantically on the dance floor to the sound of Tango.

"Tango never fails lovers", said Martina behind us.

And all three enjoyed watching the lovely scene recreating how and where everything began for Pascualino’s parents.

The days and weeks passed quickly. The environment in the house began to improve and, little by little, Pascualino's family found themselves adapting to their new reality.

His parents could not stop thanking him for the surprise he prepared for them, and gradually they began to get close again.

Pascualino's mother's womb grew more each day, and with it more stress and tiredness. The family pitched in to help lighten her burden in the house. They were all working together, supporting each other like a team.

A new stage was beginning in their family’s life, but no matter where the future took them, they were all sure that their family love would always keep them together, because that was where everything had begun, with their parents' love.

1. After a week of rehearsal, the couple were already experts with the dance.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Windy encouraged Pascualino to rehearse more than necessary.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Windy and Pascualino were dancing perfectly in sync.

  1. False
  2. True

4. What makes Tango special is learning to listen to your own body.

  1. False
  2. True

5. By letting themselves be carried away by the emotion of Tango as a couple, Windy and Pascualino finally completed their choreography.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Pascualino and Windy carried out the logistics of the surprise alone.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Martina is an orphan.

  1. False
  2. True

8. Pascualino's alibi for the surprise he had organized for his parents was to make them believe that they would attend a special university event.

  1. False
  2. True

9. Pascualino's mother began to cry with rage due to the surprise.

  1. False
  2. True

10. Pascualino's plan was a resounding success.

  1. False
  2. True

11. The family finally understood that being apart would be the best way to face the imminent future.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 9
PASCUALINO AND BMX “The Unexpected Arrival”

"Ahhh!" shouted Pascualino's mother in the middle of the hospital room. "I don't think I will be able to do it. I can't do it anymore!" she said with ragged breaths.

They had been difficult, chaotic and tiring hours. Everyone in the place was worried and no one was quite sure how the situation would end.

"We must do something! If not, we will lose them!" said a doctor in the back of the room.

"What do you mean? What's going on?" Pascualino's father said on the brink of madness, as he took his wife’s hand.

"Sir, we are going to have to ask you to leave the room," and immediately a nurse guided him out.

Pascualino’s father is stunned in the waiting room, not quite understanding how he even ended up there.

8 hours earlier

"Are you all ready? If we don't hurry we will be late for the competition," said Pascualino's father, hurrying everyone in the family.

That day Carla had a very important BMX freestyle competition, and as usual, the whole family would be there to support her. Even their mother, who was in the advanced stages of her pregnancy.

"Guys! Let's go! ``What are you doing?" their mother called to them from the living room. "Even I get ready faster than you, and don't forget I'm pregnant!"

"We will see you in 10 minutes in the car!" their father said, while he helped his wife to get to the car. Those minutes would be the time it would take for both of them to get to the vehicle, since she could hardly walk by herself.

"I can't wait for this baby to come out! I don't remember that my first two pregnancies were so long and tiring," she said, when she was finally in the back seat of the car.

Maybe it's because I'm not so young anymore!" she continued as she laughed, while she ran a hand over her belly to try to calm the movements inside of her.

"It seems like today will be a hard day! This baby won’t stop kicking me," she said as she took a deep sigh trying to hold in the pain.

Minutes later the children joined their parents in the car and finally set off in the direction of the competition.

Once they arrived at the event, Carla said goodbye to everyone before leaving to get ready for the competition. Meanwhile, Pascualino and his parents started looking for their seats, and excitedly awaited the start of the sporting event.

"It's almost a miracle that we were on time," Pascualino said.

"It's true! Do you remember the occasion where they almost disqualified Carla for being a few minutes late?" said their father with a laugh, remembering the day the family had to use a truck because their car broke down in the middle of the road. It was a very crazy day.

"Is everything okay, mom?" Pascualino asked, noticing the pale face of his mother.

"Yes! I just have a bad feeling, that’s all," she answered with a grimace, due to her back pain.

"Do you want to go home?" Pascualino's father offered.

"No, I'm fine. Besides, we're already here," she replied.

Although she had not said anything to her family, that day she was feeling different, with more pain, more tiredness and a constant pressure between her legs

The competition began and the public cheered. The cycling participants took to the track and each one began to do their stunts.

Carla had started practicing BMX a few years ago, and since then she had not stopped competing. She was very good and super disciplined. She had won several local competitions and her greatest goal was to one day become an Olympic gold medalist.

Finally, it was Carla's run. She took to the track with her protective gear to start doing her routine. Although Pascualino's mother was not very sure at first about letting her daughter practice such a risky sport, Carla proved not only to have a natural talent for BMX, but also to be very responsible for her safety. Whenever she competed, the first thing she packed in her backpack was her protection kit: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. In addition, her father always helped her inspect the conditions of her bicycle to avoid possible accidents.

That's why when Carla performed her third pirouette and crashed strangely to the ground, her entire family felt a knot in their stomachs.

The seconds passed and Carla did not get up, and this caused her mother to panic. In the midst of screaming and pleading, the pregnant woman stood up and tried to reach her daughter, but half way to her daughter she felt a liquid run between her legs.

"Ahhhh!" exclaimed Pascualino's mother in despair. Pain spread throughout her body and she was about to faint when she fell into the arms of her husband.

"Quick! Call the ambulance!" said Pascualino's father, and in a matter of seconds his unconscious wife was being taken on a stretcher to the hospital.

Pascualino's father left in the ambulance with his wife, while Pascualino stayed on the track to take charge of his sister's situation.

Paramedics rushed to check on Carla who hadn't moved at all since her fall. They put her on a stretcher and took her to the first aid room. Pascualino followed the doctors closely to keep an eye on his sister.

Just before arriving at the infirmary, Carla began to move and she looked confused by the situation that surrounded her.

"Are you feeling okay? Does something hurt?" Pascualino is the first to ask.

"No, I think I was just more scared of my fall than anything," she answered with a half smile.

As much as the girl insisted that she felt fine, the paramedics did several more tests, to make sure that everything was in order. After about an hour, Carla was released on the condition that if she had any lingering symptoms, she was to go straight to a hospital.

"Where are we going in such a hurry?" Carla asked, confused, when Pascualino dragged her to the car.

"We are not going to wait for mom and dad? Where are they?" Carla insisted, even more disoriented at the intriguing silence of her older brother.

"Carla, we're going to the hospital, Mom…." Pascualino tried to find the exact words to describe his mother's situation, but he couldn't.

"She had an accident," he finally revealed.

Neither of them said anything else during the ride. When they arrived at the hospital, they joined their father in the waiting room and when they asked him about their mother, there was no answer. No one knew how the situation would end.

The present

The atmosphere was tense. Each member of the family was deep in thought, reflecting on the infinite possibilities of the outcome of the situation.

After hours of waiting in silence, they finally glimpsed a doctor leaving the room and approaching them with a smile.

"We have excellent news! Everyone is fine! Everything was a little premature and the delivery was somewhat complicated, but they are out of danger," explained the doctor.

"Thank you very much Doc! Can we go in and see them?" asked Pascualino's father.

"Yes, but try not to excite them. They need their rest. To tell you the truth, it is a total miracle, especially taking into account the age of the mother," the doctor stated.

"Congratulations twice!" the doctor finally said.

"Thanks again," replied their father, not quite understanding the doctor's last comment, but everyone let it pass because they were anxious to go into the room.

The place was quiet and in the middle of the room Pascualino's mother was lying on the bed. She looked tired and sweat was still on her forehead, but when she looked up her eyes were filled with deep affection.

"I want to introduce you to the newest members of our family," she said, as she spread her arms and revealed a baby in each one of them.

"Say hello to Sofia and Samuel," she added with a shy smile.

Everyone was speechless. The day had been shocking enough with all the events that had transpired. But without a doubt, the news of twins had been the finishing touch.

"I think," Pascualino's father began as he finally broke the silence, "we have been doubly blessed."

Immediately, they all approached the bed to meet the newborns. Life can certainly be full of unexpected arrivals.

1. Pascualino's father left the room of his own accord, since he could not bear to see his wife suffer.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Despite being pregnant, Pascualino’s mother got ready faster than her children.

  1. False
  2. True

3. During each one of her pregnancies, Pascualino's mother has been extremely tired.

  1. False
  2. True

4. On one occasion, the family went to BMX competition in a truck.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Carla had only been practicing BMX for a couple of months.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Carla was risky and irresponsible when it came to her safety.

  1. False
  2. True

7. After falling, Carla immediately stood up.

  1. False
  2. True

8. Despite her fall, Carla felt completely fine and did not hurt herself at all.

  1. False
  2. True

9. Carla was disoriented and she didn't quite understand why they were going to the hospital.

  1. False
  2. True

10. The doctor said that the labor had been quite short and easy.

  1. False
  2. True

11. Now Pascualino had a new sister and a new brother.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 10

Time had passed quickly and finals week had arrived. The end of the semester is always stressful, and while some people had to spend long hours studying for their final exams, Pascualino spent those hours working on his final projects.

Graphic design is a more hands-on profession, which means that the evaluations are not so much theoretical as they are practical.

The last few days Pascualino had barely left his room. He was extremely tired and couldn't wait for the semester break to arrive.

8 hours earlier

The dark circles under Pascualino's eyes were not only due to the long sleepless nights doing homework at the university, but also to the continuous crying of his new siblings during the early mornings.

Barely a few weeks had passed since the birth of the children, but the family had not been able to completely adapt to the new routine.

Pascualino's parents took turns caring for the babies, but considering the work they demanded, even Carla and Pascualino chipped in to give their parents a hand from time to time.

College was challenging enough on its own, and add to that the grueling environment in which Pascualino's home was immersed, he was completely exhausted.

Will, seeing his best friend so overwhelmed, invited him to go out together for the weekend to distract him a little bit from his obligations. Although Pascualino was not sure at first, he ended up accepting the invitation. After all, it is not like he was making a lot of headway on his final projects. Due to the fatigue he was laboring under, he had fallen into a creative block.

"Can you tell me where we're going? I don't know why there is so much mystery surrounding this?" Pascualino asked William again as they walked down the street to catch the bus.

"Stop being impatient and just relax," he told me, lightly hitting my arm as a joke.

"You already know that I must return home early. There are projects that I must finish!" Pascualino said, regretting having left home.

"I told you, life is not limited to the University, Bravo. There is much more. Do not let life pass in front of your eyes," William told me as we got onto the bus.

During the bus ride, William and Pascualino talk about the plans for their vacation.

William finally motioned to Pasculaino that it was time to get off the bus. When Pascualino looked up, he discovered that they were at the Stadium.

"What are we doing here? Did we come to exercise?" he said between laughs. "Because I forgot to bring my water bottle."

"Don't worry, we came to watch, nothing else! Because to tell the truth, you look too tired to exercise. You look terrible, Bravo," his best friend laughed.

They entered what appeared to be the gymnastics room. In a flash, Pascualino heard a familiar voice call out to William.

"Will!" shouted Rebecca excitedly, throwing herself into Will’s arms, "I'm glad you were able to come!"

"And you, Bravo, great to see you!" she said, looking in my direction. Rebecca approached Pascualino and greeted him happily.

"The guys are in the stands, you can join them. In a few minutes, it will be my turn. I have to go and get ready now," Rebecca explained.

"I know you will do very well. Remember what we practiced!" said William with a smile. "I'm proud of you!" he added.

Rebecca nodded and then gave him a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye so that she could get ready for her routine.

"Did I miss something?" Pascualino asked curiously. "You and Rebecca?" Will's face turned red at Pascualino’s inquiry.

"Well, one of my homework projects at the university was about gymnastics training. I remembered Rebecca has been practicing gymnastics since she was 5 years old, so I asked her for some help with it, and well, I can't deny that she is a very attractive and an extremely funny and intelligent girl and ... "

"I think that's enough for me, Will! I really don't want to know more details," Pascualino interrupts with a laugh.

"Wow! They only saw each other once, when I introduced them at the end of last semester,” Pascualino thought to himself. But he did remember how Will and Rebecca looked at each other that day.

"Good to see you!" Sebastian said with a big smile when Pascualino took a seat next to him in the stands.

"Same here," Pascualino replied.

Maria, Sara and Santiago were sitting a few steps higher so he leaned over to greet them.

"It's strange to see you here Bravo, we thought you'd be doing homework!" Maria said sarcastically.

"That's what he was doing, but you must thank me, as I was able to get him out of that cave that he calls a room," explained William. "He has spent so much time in front of the computer, that he was on the verge of turning into a zombie."

"That's not good, it's also important to have free time to share with your friends," said Sebastian.

The conversation was interrupted when the loudspeaker announced Rebecca's full name, informing the spectators that she was about to start performing her routine.

The music began to play and Rebecca came out on stage. Her performance was a combination of pirouettes, jumps and dancing. Pascualino didn’t know much about gymnastics, but he could tell that she had a natural talent. She showed incredible flexibility and great precision during her routine.

As the event progressed, William talked about gymnastics, based on the knowledge that he had acquired while working on his school project.

"There are several types of gymnastics, such as: artistic, rhythmic, trampoline, aerobic, acrobatics and general. However, like all sports there are many other variations that are not always recognized in competition, such as: aesthetic gymnastics or German wheel gymnastics," Will explained.

"That is very interesting! And if we carefully observe activities such as Zumba or Calisthenics, we can also see gymnastics movements integrated into them, as well," Santiago added.

"Exactly, many sports have a lot of the same athletic requirements and skills," William agreed, ending the conversation with a smile.

The competition ended and there were still a few minutes left before the final results were tabulated. In the meantime, everyone took the opportunity to congratulate Rebecca on her performance.

As they began walking to the dressing rooms, the scores were announced and Rebecca had come in first place! Will did not waste a second. He ran over to Rebecca and took her in his arms and kissed her with a huge smile. . It seemed that his best friend had a new girlfriend. Pascualino was really happy for them.

After a great day, Pascualino and his friends went for a pizza to celebrate Rebecca's victory.

They spent the rest of the afternoon laughing and joking, so when Pascualino finally got home it was already very late. To his surprise, the whole place was completely silent. It seemed that his twin siblings had finally decided to give them all a break.

Pascualino had two options: take advantage of the calm to work on a little homework, or catch up on the sleep that he had lost over the past few days. His biological needs and his sense of responsibility were going at it, but after thinking it over, he decided that he would listen to Will: His life was not limited to the university.

Pascualino put on his pajamas, brushed his teeth, and jumped into bed. He would have time later to finish his homework. For now he just wanted to rest.

1. During the last weeks of the semester, Pascualino spent his time studying for his final exams.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Pascualino's family was tired almost all the time due to their inability to get enough sleep.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Pascualino was so overwhelmed with homework that he had entered a creative block.

  1. False
  2. True

4. Pascualino was having second thoughts about taking a break with Will.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino was full of energy to exercise.

  1. False
  2. True

6. It was evident that Rebecca was happier to see Will than Pascualino.

  1. False
  2. True

7. William and Rebecca appear to like each other.

  1. False
  2. True

8. Pascualino's classmates were surprised to see him at the gymnastics event.

  1. False
  2. True

9. According to William there is only one type of gymnastics.

  1. False
  2. True

10. William couldn't resist showing his affection to Rebecca.

  1. False
  2. True

11. As soon as Pascualino returned home, he continued doing his homework.

  1. False
  2. True

English Unit 11
PASCUALINO AND CHESS “The Confusion over the Future”

"I don't really understand why you're doing this," Pascualino said to Windy, confused. "I mean, doesn't anything we've been through together mean anything to you?"

"That's what I asked you," she replied defensively. "Consider that I am doing you a favor. “If I don't end this relationship, you will never do it."

"You're looking for any excuse to break up with me," Pascualino concluded.

"Come on! Are you serious? You know perfectly well that it's not like that. I still love you, but we can't go on like this," she told Pascualino between tears.

"So what do you mean? This is it for us?" Pascualino was confused. He wondered how they ever reached this point.

Windy was silent for what seemed like an eternity. Her beautiful eyes were red from crying so much and without looking very sure of herself she said, "Yes Pascualino, that's all. We're done," she said in a firm voice.

Pascualino was stunned. He really didn't know how to answer. He still hadn't finished processing everything that just happened when Windy blurted out, "Well, I think that's your answer," she said about his silence.

"That shows how much I matter to you!" And without giving Pascualino time to react, she stormed out and left him all alone in his room.

Pascualino stared at the wall, still trying to figure out what just happened. He couldn’t think clearly. All he knew was that it seemed like he no longer had a girlfriend.

Pascualino hurried to get ready, otherwise he would be late for the chess competition.

He put on his shoes and ran down the stairs. He grabbed a bite to eat before he left and then sank deep into his own thoughts.

Luckily for him, the house was empty and he felt somewhat at ease. Lately, it had been difficult to find peace. Pascualino loved his family, but now with the new babies it was all chaos. His parents were always tired and Carla spent most of her time locked up in her room. On the other hand, Pascualino usually preferred to be outside, where he had somewhat more freedom and less noise.

He had spent a lot of time with his friends from the university, and he was learning a lot about the world and the new possibilities that it held for him.

Pascualino arrived at the place where the competition was held, 5 minutes before his turn. He settled into the chair and waited patiently for his opponent to make an appearance.

The minutes passed and Pascualino tried to keep his mind blank, but his anxiety began to take hold of him. He started to move his left foot frantically.

His adversary finally arrived and sat down on the other side of the table and tried to greet him, but he didn't have the energy to be nice today. He just nodded his head without saying anything.

The game began and Pascualino focused all of his attention on the movements of the chessboard. He moved his pawns, made his knights jump and his bishops to slide across the wooden surface. It was an intense game and as much as he tried to attack, he felt like the other player always cornered him.

That is how his life felt at the moment. He saw no way out of his situation and he was not just thinking about the game. He had a bad feeling, like everything was about to come down on him.

Pascualino changed tactics, hoping to save his king. But the other player was ready for everything Pascualino threw at him.

The game progressed and Pascualino stood firm in his defense.

“I cannot let myself be beaten. I cannot lose and especially not against him,” Pascualino said to himself.

Pascualino realized that he may not be able to win, but he could at least play to a draw. He was hoping that he could, at a minimum, play well enough to not be embarrassed.

Pascualino surveyed the board to anticipate his next move. He could feel the adrenaline rush through his veins. The game had gotten quite intense and he studied the chessboard with keen concentration and piercing eyes.

The players' moves were becoming more aggressive and Pascaulino found himself losing more of his pieces, but he wasn’t about to give up. However, as he moved his hand in the direction of his castle, he was distracted for a second by the tattoo on the arm of his opponent. It was a snake surrounded by flowers and a little above it was a universe with planets.

The next thing he knew he was checkmated. Pascualino lost the game, but if the truth be told, he felt like he had lost more than that.

"Bravo!" his opponent called out.

But Pascualino stood up and left the place without saying a word . He didn't feel like talking, all he wanted was to go home and be alone.

During his trip home, he watched the landscape pass by through the bus window. And after a few minutes, he closed his eyes to try and relieve his headache. This day just kept getting worse.

The vibration of his cell phone in his pocket made him open his eyes suddenly. He quickly checked his email notification. It said his final semester grades had been uploaded to the university platform.

Trembling, Pascualino tapped on his phone screen to enter the university website and selected the option to "show grades." He waited patiently for his mobile data to load on the page. He just hoped that his final results wouldn't just make his day worse.

He checked out each of the grades from each one of his classes and read the observations made by his teachers; and breathed a sigh of relief. At least his grades were flawless and his GPA had remained stable this second semester, despite all the changes that had happened in his life during the last few months.

A little more encouraged, Pascualino put his phone back in his pocket and looked forward to the moment to share the good academic news with his parents.

When he got home, he cautiously opened the door and inside found that it was still just as quiet as when he had left for the chess tournament.

Pascualino went up to his room. He took a long, hot shower and put on a set of comfortable clothes to lounge around the home in. Pascualino felt strange. A lot had happened today. He had felt many emotions and he just wanted to disconnect from everything for a while.

Pascualino went downstairs to find something to eat, when he heard the front door open and his parents' voices break the silence of the house.

He was about to greet them but he stopped in the middle of the kitchen and listened to the conversation they were having.

Pascualino hid behind the wall in the living room to listen to the conversation perfectly without being discovered.

"I did not think it was so much money. If I had known before, we would have managed our savings better," his father said.

"I know these months have been difficult economically, we expected only one baby, not two," added his mother.

"Yes, and if we add the expenses of Carla's school and Pascualino's university,” Pascualino’s father sighs. "In the last few days I have been working a double shift, but it seems that it won't be enough money to make ends meet this month."

"I don't know what we're going to do. Maybe I could go back to work," his mother proposed.

"No, it's still too early and the babies need you. Don’t worry, we will find a solution soon, trust me.”

Pascualino felt bad for eavesdropping, but he was glad he had heard their conversation.

As difficult as his day had been, he felt a surge of energy and began to think about how he could help his family.

Multiple options raced through his mind, and after thinking about it for a few seconds he came out into the living room and looked at his parents.

"Mom ... Dad ... sorry, but I just heard you," Pascualino announced.

"How long were you hiding there, eavesdropping?" my father asked.

"Long enough to inform you that I have just made a decision: I will start working and I'm going to leave the university. I know you will try to make me change my mind, but it is too late, my decision has already been made.”

1. Windy doesn't love Pascualino anymore.

  1. False
  2. True

2. Pascualino understands perfectly why Windy broke up with him.

  1. False
  2. True

3. Pascualino is extremely disappointed that the house is alone.

  1. False
  2. True

4. Pascualino's opponent was already sitting at the table when he arrived.

  1. False
  2. True

5. Pascualino was winning the chess game.

  1. False
  2. True

6. Pascualino got distracted by the other player's tattoos during their game.

  1. False
  2. True

7. Pascualino's day has been so overwhelming that his head has started to hurt.

  1. False
  2. True

8. Due to recent events in Pascualino's life, his grades were low this semester.

  1. False
  2. True

9. It has been a long day for Pascualino and when he gets home all he wants to do is relax.

  1. False
  2. True

10. Pascualino's family has been going through an economic crisis in recent months.

  1. False
  2. True

11. Pascualino is still not very sure about leaving the university to start working.

  1. False
  2. True