3rd year of secondary education




1.- Desperately seeking the lost graph

2.-From values to the graph and vice versa

3.-What do graphs tell us?

4.-Adapting graphs

5.-Comparing graphs

6.-Extra activities


This unit is intended for students in their third year of secondary education. It aims to reinforce their ability to connect algebraic terms to data, which is usually given in the form of a table. It also helps them to match tables of values to given graphs and introduces them to the  basic characteristics of graphs. Furthermore, there are activities which encourage students to compare two graphs and give a detailed interpretation of them. In addition, the data used in the examples is based on situations which are intended to be as realistic as possible.

  • To match a given table of values to a graph and vice versa. 
  • To relate tables of values and graphs to algebraic terms.
  • To recognise and describe the main characteristics of a given graph.
  • To compare two given graphs.
  • Obtain as much information as possible from a given graph, which represents a realistic situation, and express this information appropriately in words.

  Josep Mª Navarro Canut
ProyectoDescartes.org. Year 2013

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